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St. Paul alley plowing
Residential Snow Plowing & Shoveling

St. Paul Alley Plowing

We’ve been plowing alleys in St. Paul since 1955. We plow alleys with a snowfall of 2 inches or more throughout the season.

Unlike other plowing services, we offer billing to individual households. No more going door-to-door trying to collect from your neighbors. We handle all of the billing and collecting! We can also offer a discounted flat rate for an alley if someone else wants to do the collecting.

We have several plow trucks and are fully insured. We have been through the good and bad winters, so you know you can count on us no matter what winter brings our way! We are not the guy who can’t afford to fix his truck when it breaks down, or finds out that getting up at midnight in a snow storm isn’t his thing. We’re there every time, when you need us.


Residential Snow Removal

Our crews arrive when the snow has finished to shovel, blow and plow snow from driveways, sidewalks and patios. Our residential services have a 1.5” trigger for clearing.

At this time, we only consider taking customers who are currently alley plowing, mowing or fertilizer customers, and we have a waiting list for new residential customers.

Because of the extraordinary number of inquiries, phone calls for new service may not be returned. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email your address and contact information.

Snow service is based out of our New Brighton location. Due to the timely nature of snow removal, we have a much smaller service area than our mowing and fertilizer territory. We service New Brighton, St. Paul, Minneapolis, and a small portion of St. Louis Park.


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