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Top Notch Lawn Care, Weekly & Bi-weekly Mowing with bagging option.
Serving Minneapolis and surrounding areas.

Weekly Lawn Service

Regular lawn mowing is critical to a healthy lawn. We follow recommendations for cutting deck height, and make adjustments throughout the year. We sharpen blades regularly and maintain our equipment to provide a quality cut each and every time. By choosing our service, you can basically set it and forget it, knowing that we will be there every week to maintain your lawn. Every service includes trimming around hardscape and blowing clippings from walkways and hard surfaces.


Bi-weekly Service

Although it is not recommended for most lawns, we understand that some customers would like service only every other week.  We offer this for an additional 50% of the normal weekly rate. Grass bagging is not available with bi-weekly service. Bi-weekly service can result in too much length being cut at one time, and lead to distressed grass. Excessive clippings on the lawn look bad, and can lead to bigger issues. 

Grass Bagging

Grass bagging can be added to weekly lawn mowing for an additional 50%.  We can collect most of the clippings and haul them away for compost.



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