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Frequently asked questions

Most questions can be answered by reviewing your contract.  Any information provided here is for reference only.  Contracts supersede any information found here.  We go to great lengths to ensure our customers have the right information prior to starting service.  Surprises should not be part of reliable service!

We also post a lot of schedule updates for snow removal and mowing delays on Facebook, Twitter, and on our website.  Please look there first if you have a scheduling question.

The best way to contact us is by email.  We spend a lot of our daylight hours on the road or on a mower.  We can return emails at midnight when we can’t call.

Snow FAQs

  • We plow alleys when the snow accumulates 2” or more.  We post updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter with approximate times.

Mowing FAQs

  • We will not burn out your lawn by mowing it.  We do not lower the blades to the level of grass, we will cut only the areas that are high enough to reach the recommended blade settings. 

Fertilizer FAQs

  • You may still see weeds (especially dandelions) with weed control services.  Broadleaf weeds must come up for them to be treated.  Dandelions are one of the first noticeable weeds in the spring.  In order to treat them and other weeds, we must wait for them to emerge, and then begin treatment.


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